Magellan Ahoy! – Our History

Launched in 2014, Magellan is a non-corporate publisher for children’s and YA literature based in Bamberg, Germany. Our aim is to produce a new, innovative, and irresistible style of book and games that is contentually, optically, and haptically set apart from the mainstream. We offer challenging texts and don’t shy away from serious topics. Our authors and illustrators tell stories grounded in reality with quirky humour, extraordinary illustrations, exceptional characters, and sometimes a dash of fantasy in order to distinguish our style from the norm.

Furthermore, we are celebrating the printed book. Therefore, we focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability in our production process with special regard to the choice of paper, colours, adhesives, and varnishes. To keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, we mainly produce in Germany - only in exceptional cases in neighbouring European countries.

To make all of this happen, a team of twenty busy bees is working with great pleasure and motivation. Why? Because we believe in innovation and design; we believe in great stories for the youngest readers and – most of all – we believe in the future of our planet!

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Natürlich Magellan - Our Green Philosophy!

Protecting our environment and standing up against climate change and pollution is nowadays more important than ever. Whether planting bee friendly flowers in one’s own garden or reducing plastic in one’s daily life – there are many simple practices for everyone to contribute to the preservation of our planet and every change in behaviour can make a difference.

However, as a publishing company, we want to achieve more than just small gestures. Ever since our founding, we have been focusing on a sustainable use of resources and decided to make the protection of our climate and the environment a major part of our publishing philosophy.

This is why

  • we choose our resources and manufacturers carefully,
  • we print on FCS-certified paper from responsible sources without exception,
  • we solely use natural vegetable-oil-based ink, solvent-free glues, and water-based varnishes,
  • we refrain from using plastic materials whenever possible,
  • we print and produce mainly in Germany, sometimes in neighbouring European countries
  • we plant trees to compensate the paper consumption in our office.

We firmly believe that we can make a difference for our environment and continue to work towards new goals under our green heart-shaped label Natürlich Magellan. Get on board!