Cover Haferhorde Band 9 Süßer die Hufe nie klingen Pferdebuch von Suza Kolb
Cover Haferhorde Band 9 Süßer die Hufe nie klingen Pferdebuch von Suza Kolb
Innenansicht Doppelseite mit farbiger Illustration von Kindern und Ponys im Schnee

The Oat Crew – Jingle Hooves (Volume 9)

Pony stories with a twist - Choccie and Biscuit narrate their delightful adventures themselves in this bestselling series.
The Oat Crew – that’s the Shetland ponies Choccie and Biscuit, Toni the Haflinger and sometimes Bruno the dog, too (although of course he doesn’t like oats). Together, the friends keep the other four- and two-legged farm inhabitants on their toes! Whether a ghost is fooling around in the stable (only to be caught by the self-proclaimed Top-Ghost-Busting-Ponies), the boss wants to use them for riding lessons (which just isn’t on – being a riding pony is far too boring), a lovely Icelandic pony girl needs saving (causing Choccie to have butterflies in his stomach), a TV production company is looking for their next star (of course every four-legged inhabitant is sure it’s themselves), or Santa Clause needs help with his presents (if he has to go by car, his reindeers must be ill, so naturally he’s in need of substitutes) – the animals’ adventures are a delight!
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14,0 x 21,0 x 1,5 cm

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Ever since she was a child, Suza Kolb has made up stories about fierce and cheeky characters – on four or just two legs. For a long time, writing had only been a hobby for the Rhinelander who now lives in Bavaria. Nowadays, the weird adventures of her heroes are becoming actual books. She mostly finds inspiration in her immediate surroundings.


Nina Dulleck, born in 1975, is a children’s book author and illustrator. Whenever she’s not drawing or writing, she looks after three feisty children together with her husband or creates funny videos about all things children’s books for her YouTube channel.