Cover, ein Tukan mit großem bunten Schnabel auf weißem Hintergrund
Cover, ein Tukan mit großem bunten Schnabel auf weißem Hintergrund
Innenseite, ein Tukan sitzt auf dem Rücken eines Jaguars, gemeinsam rennen sie durch den Regenwald

Little Toucan Learns to Fly Today

This colourful picture book encourages children to come to the realisation that everyone is best just the way one is.
The toucan children are excited: Today, they will learn how to fly! In the shortest amount of time, they are all up in the air – all except for the little rainbowbilled toucan, who just can’t get a hang of it, even though it’s trying so hard! The other animals of the jungle want to help and have their individual advices at the ready, but time and time again, their tips and tricks fail. Will the little toucan ever learn to fly?
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Picture Book
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24,5 x 30,5 x 0,7 cm


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Author & Illustrator

Nastja Holtfreter was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1977, where she still lives today with her husband and her two daughters. After studying graphic design, she worked for a media agency. There, she developed and animated various figures and illustrations for children’s TV-programmes. She now works as a freelancer illustrating post cards, paper goods and book covers. Developing her own picture books is what she likes best.