Cover, Berge voller Natur, Bäume dir im Wind wehen, Tiere, ein Reh, Vögel, Blumen
Cover, Berge voller Natur, Bäume dir im Wind wehen, Tiere, ein Reh, Vögel, Blumen
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Nature’s Little Secrets – Rain, Wind, and Sunshine

Non-fiction look-and-find picture books about the popular topics weather and forest and meadow animals and plants.
Do you spot the fawn in the tall grass of the meadow? What’s that scuttling across the forest floor? How do red deer cool down? And who lives in a puddle? There’s so much to discover in the meadow and in the forest and about the influence weather has on both animals and plants. Let’s dive in to get to know them and their little secrets!
Non-Fiction Picture Book
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24,5 x 30,5 cm


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Creative People


Stütze & Vorbach – that’s Annett Stütze and Britta Vorbach, writing partners for children’s novels from Frankfurt.

Annett Stütze, born in Leipzig in 1973, studied German and art history. She had worked for several publishing houses before she decided to become a freelance author. After living in Finland, Ireland, China, and Canada, she now resides in Frankfurt. She has already published more than 20 books.

Britta Vorbach was born in Tübingen in 1973. After the second state examination for teaching elementary school, she first worked as an editor in publishing. Today, she writes children’s books and develops learning material for children in kindergarten and elementary school. She lives in Frankfurt.


Kaja Kajfež was born in a small charming town in Croatia. As a child, she often painted with her mother, kindling her love for illustration early on. Later, due to her interest in computer technology, she got a degree in Multimedia, Design and Application with a focus on visual communication. During her studies, she already began working as a freelance illustrator, which enabled her to establish her own illustration studio.