Kuschelflosse - Das kurios komische Klimbim-Kliff
Kuschelflosse - Das kurios komische Klimbim-Kliff
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Cuddle-Fin – The Curious Clutter-Cliff (Volume 8)

A detailed, colourful and amusing underwater world that will captivate and entertain children and adults alike.

Welcome to Fishtown and the adventures of Cuddle-Fin and his friends Sebi, Mr Boxfish, and Emmi the swimming strawberry. Whether it’s a spectacular journey to the mysterious reef, the bubbleblowing world championship, an unexpected gift that contains a little lost Slurpophant, a magical plant that ushers the friends from one gaming adventure to the next, a thief stealing letters to make alphabet soup, a shy witch in need of help, making a deal with a luck-dragon to increase their chances to win the cake lottery, or a haunted holiday at Clutter-Cliff – it most certainly never gets boring in this underwater world!

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20,5 x 24,5 cm


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Author & Illustrator

Nina Müller, born in Bayreuth, studied design in Wiesbaden and Sydney before working as an art director for one of Germany’s most renowned advertising agencies for many years. Today, she lives in Munich and enjoys creating, writing and illustrating fantastic stories with unique characters for small and big readers as well as cheerful curious book lovers alike.