Cover, weiße Winterlandschaft, Rentier rennt und verliert Geschenke, ein kleiner Wichtel sitzt auf dem Rücken und hüpft nach oben
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Tomorrow Comes the Christmas Elf

A fantastical tale about the small things that make Christmas truly special.
This Christmas is going to be like none before – the Christmas Elf, Linus, and Amelie are certain about it! The former, because he finally managed to persuade Santa to let him deliver the presents for once, something he has dreamed about for a long time. The latter, because they find themselves in a newly established patchwork family and are all but amused of having to celebrate together and without the other halves of their families at that.
What they didn’t expect is to be teaming up! However, the Christmas Elf lost all the presents and is in dire need of help. Together with Linus’ dog Curve, they set out to find them – and meet a very curi-ous being with a compelling offer: There might be a big surprise waiting for Linus and Amelie, if they manage to agree on something for once … Could this Christmas actually be saved?
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17,5 x 24,5 cm

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Since studying foreign languages, Bettina Obrecht has written almost sixty children’s and YA books to date. Many of her texts feature topics such as being different, tolerance, and freedom of speech and thought. Her books have been translated in numerous languages. In addition, she writes texts for adults: for audio dramas and radio features, rock songs, and the stage.


Iris Hardt, who grew up in the Ruhr area in the 70s, must have Tatzelworm ancestors herself considering that she rescued many of the cupboards, tables, lamps, and armchairs now embellishing her apartment from ending in the trash. She is passionate about drawing for children’s and school books and particularly enjoyed the compassionate and humorous story of the Christmas Elf. She lives in Münster with her family and works there in a shared studio.