Cover PaNia Band1 Die Legende der Windpferde Pferdebuch von Sabine Giebken
Cover PaNia Band1 Die Legende der Windpferde Pferdebuch von Sabine Giebken
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PaNia – Legend of the Wind Horses (Volume 1)

Fantasy meets horses – an atmospheric story of fabled horses and a village with a sinister secret.
Nia isn’t all too happy about moving to Windhame, a small town in the middle of a dark and seemingly endless forest. When she gets lost in the eerie woods, she comes face to face with the most beautiful black horse she has ever seen. Nia can’t forget Pan and does everything in her power to find him again, but no one in Windhame has ever seen him. One day, while roaming the woods, she discovers Pan in a part of town she hasn’t been before. But the inhabitants don’t like outsiders and give her an ultimatum: either she learns to ride Pan or she will never see him again. For Nia, the latter is out of the question, but more and more uncanny things are happening in Windhame throwing her off the track. Is the legend of the wind horses more than just a story?
Middle Grade
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15,3 x 21,5 x 3,2 cm

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Sabine Giebken, born in 1979 in Munich, swapped ballet for riding lessons at the age of eight and henceforth dreamt of a horse of her own. When she was a child, she already wrote her first stories into her exercise books, which later became her first horse novels. After a degree in business administration and other occupational detours, she decided to turn her hobby into her profession. She lives in Bavaria and has two wild children, an affectionate dog, and a pretty confident Icelandic mare.