Cover, ein kleiner Ritter steht auf einer Burg und schaut auf einen Berg aus Eis
Innenseite mit Illustration, ein kleiner Ritter fliegt auf einem blauen Drachen

Ragnar, Knight Dragonheart – It’s Cold in Hillock Forest (Volume 2)

A story about knights, dragons, courage, and friendship with modern illustrations.
It’s summer at Castle Kingsgbeard. Yet, right behind the castle walls Hillock Forest lies covered in ice and snow. Knight of Honour Ragnar, his best friend and talking ermine Elmi as well as the odd wizard Magus Magnus have to work together to bring the summer back to Hillock Forest and break the ice spell. After all, magic is stronger when you cast it together…
Picture Book
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24,5 x 30,5 cm


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Anette Thumser, born in 1964 in Frankfurt, lived in Hannover, Lagos (Nigeria), the Taunus, and the Wetterau before returning to Frankfurt. She basically only turned in a circle. Nowadays, she has two adult children and a cat – and regularly sorts out her book shelves since books seem to multiply as if by magic!


Irina Avgustinovich is a children's illustrator from Belarus now based in Portugal. Despite having a bachelor's degree in classical painting and ceramics, she found herself in children's illustration. She learns from her 6-year-old son’s outlook on life. Irina is so happy to be involved in his world of spontaneity and creativity. She believes in the power of imagination. She loves creating new worlds and the play of textures of materials. For 15 years in illustration, she has created about 50 books for both the Russian and British market, and several more are being prepared for publication.