Cover, ein Jungengesicht füllt das Cover, halb Junge, halb Puma, umgeben von Ästen
Cover, ein Jungengesicht füllt das Cover, halb Junge, halb Puma, umgeben von Ästen
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Woodwalkers - The Game

Das Original-Brettspiel zur erfolgreichen Buchreihe

An exciting duel style board game with two variations developed by Kai Haferkamp based on Katja Brandis’ bestselling Woodwalkers series and Claudia Carls’ illustrations.

Welcome to Clearwater High! Here, shapeshifter Carag and his friends learn everything they need to know about life as both humans and animals. Today, exciting team training battles are scheduled for their Combat and Survival class.
Choose your team wisely, secure the best positions in the forest, and collect useful items to win. Who is going to use their skills best and claim the victory?

1 double-sided game board, 1 manual, 1 figure, 4 dice, 28 cards, 148 tiles

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29,8 x 29,8 x 7,3 cm


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Katja Brandis, born in 1970, studied American, English and German studies and worked as a journalist. She has been writing since childhood and has published numerous novels for young readers. She lives near Munich, Germany, with her husband, son, and three cats.


Kai Haferkamp, a lawyer from Osnabrück, has been developing board games since his student days. Over the past 25 years, he has published not only around 200 games, but also various children's books and is considered a specialist in adapting literature for games. One of his greatest successes is the Children's Game of the Year award, which he received for his game based on the book The Little Ghost by Otfried Preußler.


In her childhood, Claudia Carls alternately declared that she wanted to become a writer or an artist until this conflict was finally resolved with her decision to study book illustration. After graduating from high school, she put this plan into action at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences with a degree in Illustration and Communication Design. As a graduate designer, she lives and works in Hamburg and designs picture books, children and ya literature, non-fiction books, and posters. She created the original illustrations for the Woodwalkers book series by Katja Brandis.