Cover Flora Botterblom Band4 Ein Kürbis hat es in sich Kinderbuch von Astrid Göpfrich
Cover Flora Botterblom Band4 Ein Kürbis hat es in sich Kinderbuch von Astrid Göpfrich
Innenansicht Doppelseite mit schwarz-weißer Illustration von Kürbiskernen
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Flora Botterblom – The Pumpkin Effect (Volume 4)

Top trends: a combination of gardening and fantasy with a spunky heroine and her comic relief animal sidekick.
Sowing, planting, and harvesting – in Flora’s opinion that’s the epitome of boredom. Too bad she’s the youngest offspring of a family of market gardeners. But that’s about to change on her eleventh birthday when her grandfather lets her in on a huge family secret: Once, her family had cultivated very special vegetables – wonder vegetables! Unfortunately, the seeds were stolen … all but one that is! Now it’s up to Flora to grow the wonder hot pepper that can make animals talk, find the thief, and bring back the seeds. At her side: the grumpy headstrong armadillo Gisbert. And so begins the thrilling adventure Flora has dreamed about all her life …
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15,3 x 21,5 cm

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Astrid Göpfrich grew up in a family in which everyone has a green thumb – everyone except for her. Everything she plants soon dies and not even a single cactus survives in her care. But by writing about wonder vegetables she has learned a lot about gardening. Maybe now it’ll work out with the plants … She has been working as a freelance author since 2012 and lives in Freiburg.


Pe Grigo, born in the winter of 1972, draws since she was two years old. After her apprenticeship and studies, she has made drawing her job and has illustrated texts for young and old with heart and soul for many years now.