Cover Grüne Helden Ohne Plastik geht es auch Sachbuch von Nadine Schubert und Ika Vigh
Cover Grüne Helden Ohne Plastik geht es auch Sachbuch von Nadine Schubert und Ika Vigh
Innenansicht Doppelseite mit farbiger Illustration von Kaugummi, Gummistiefeln und Slime
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Eco Heroes

Comprehensible background information and numerous tips and tricks to reduce plastics specifically for children from bestselling author Nadine Schubert.
Plastic has become a part of all aspects of daily life: in the kitchen, many groceries are wrapped or packed in plastic; in the bathroom, toothpaste and other beauty products contain microplastic; and in the children’s room, plastic toys come in all forms and sizes. But what consequences has our excessive consumption of plastics for our environment? And what can we do to stop increasing the evergrowing mountains of plastic waste?
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Soft cover with French flaps
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20,0 x 24,0 cm


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Nadine Schubert is a pioneer of the movement to reduce plastics. She has been committed to the effort for over seven years and is a popular guest on radio and television programmes. In 2016, the mother of two published the SPIEGEL bestseller Besser leben ohne Plastik. Her talks inspire thousands of listeners each year to banish plastics from their lives.


After studying communication design at the RheinMain University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden, Inka Vigh lived in California, Beirut, and Budapest between 2014 and 2016. Eventually, she ended up in Mainz where she lives and works as a freelance illustrator. Whether it’s something cultural or social, children’s books, magazines, or coffee shops – she illustrates with joy and makes everything more beautiful!