Cover, Kühe grasen auf der Wiese, Bäume im Hintergrund
Cover, Kühe grasen auf der Wiese, Bäume im Hintergrund
Innenseite, Kühe grasen auf der Wiese, Bäume im Hintergrund
Innenseite, Blumenwiese, Biene, Marienkäfer und Schmetterling fliegen darüber
Interior view 4
Interior view 5

The Small Colourful Buggy World – In the Meadow & Farm Animals

Look, the bee is collecting nectar on the meadow and the horse and the sheep are racing each other! And there’s the rabbit in the garden and the clownfish in the ocean, the cow at the farm and the fox in the woods, the plane in the sky and the excavator at the construction site, the tiger in the jungle and the elephants in the savannah, and the foals on the pasture and the fire engine on the road!
These buggy books with colourful illustrations provide many motifs on the all-time favourite subjects meadow and farm animals, garden and ocean, farm and forest, vehicles and construction site, jungle and savannah, and baby animals and service vehicles to marvel at.
With the band included in each bundle, the books are easily fastened to the buggy to be always close at hand.
Board Book
Board book
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11,0 x 11,0 cm


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Günther Jakobs studied illustration/design and philosophy in Münster. He has been working as a freelance illustrator and writer for almost 15 years, mostly at the “Ateliers Hafenstraße” at the old goods station. Picture books are his passion. He loves putting his own ideas and stories on paper. His three children are his motivation, inspiration and often his most important critics.