Cover Konratt Held der Unterwelt Band1 Eine gefährliche Nacht Kinderbuch von Sibylle Rieckhoff
Cover Konratt Held der Unterwelt Band1 Eine gefährliche Nacht Kinderbuch von Sibylle Rieckhoff
Innenansicht Doppelseite mit farbiger Illustration von Gans, Frosch, Igel und Ratte aufeinanderstehend

Konratt – Hero of the Underworld – A Dangerous Night (Volume 1)

A whirlwind story of a small hero with a big heart about friendship and helpfulness.
When Konratt manages to get capricious cat Fee out of a fight with dog Apollo, Fee decides to thank him for his help by letting him live – but only if he organises her dinner, preferably fish! While crossing the city on their way to the harbour, they meet one animal after the other in need of a helping hand. And Konratt is too kind not to offer his assistance, which has the growing group stumble from one adventure to the next …
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17,5 x 24,5 x 1,3 cm

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Sibylle Rieckhoff studied illustration and worked as a graphic designer and art director. After the birth of her daughter, she began to take much pleasure in children’s books and eventually started to write stories of her own. She has published numerous books that have been translated into many languages since. She lives in Hamburg and enjoys wandering along the Elbe with her dog Paco, always in search of new ideas. That’s how she ran into Konratt one day.


Ellie Bruder, born in 1980 in the Palatinate, already loved to draw picture stories for her siblings when she was a little girl. Since her studies and living several years abroad in Scotland, she has been working as a designer and illustrator for several children’s publishers. She lives with her husband and many animals near the Ratzeburger Lake in northern Germany. When she’s not drawing, she likes to go for walks, watch animals, or read.