Love - Fünf Geschichten über die Liebe
Love - Fünf Geschichten über die Liebe

Five Stories about Love

Unique contemporary stories examining facets of love from five interesting voices of German YA literature.
Every love story is unique, but they all have one thing in common: grand emotions. That could be finally asking one’s crush for a date at a party, dealing with a break-up, or becoming an actor in the school play to impress the girl of one’s dreams. Sometimes, there’s a Before and an After. And sometimes, one has to change the perspective to meet the unexpected …
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,5 cm

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Ruth Rahlff, born in Lüneburg, tried herself as a sales talent in her uncle’s bookshop at an early age. Later on, she apprenticed in publishing, worked in a very big and a very small publishing house as an editor, and has been working as a freelance author since 2004. When she’s not reading, travelling, eating ice cream, or romping about with her dog, she makes up stories for children and young adults.


As a child, Anne Hoffmann loved writing detective stories – she didn’t finish any of them. Meanwhile, she is interested in interpersonal matters: friendship, love, complicated feelings, but also mental health issues. She was born in 1990, studied literature and lives with her husband in Berlin. And she is actually finishing her novels now.


Andreas Thamm, born in 1990 in Bamberg, started writing in his room in secret at night. Today preferably only till 6pm, then it’s home time! He studied creative writing and cultural journalism in Hildesheim until 2014. He lives as editor, author, and soup cook in Nuremberg. Like Heroes is his first published novel.


Mario Fesler, born in 1978, loves variety. After growing up in a small village in the Odenwald, he now lives in Berlin. He is not only a writer, but also a literary scientist, a team leader in customer service, and a quiz host. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that variety is a fundamental aspect in his books as well: After his award-winning series about the quick-witted teenage girl Lizzy Carbon, Fesler proves in his new thrilling agent series that cute little rodents can be “extremely dangerous”.


Antje Leser studied German and Romance studies in Heidelberg and Freiburg before she became a freelance journalist, editor, and copywriter. She spent a few years in the US halfway between New York and Boston. Nowadays, she makes up stories for children and young adults, writes reports, and broods over factual texts. She lives in Bonn with her husband, a dynamic cat duo and two Icelandic horses.