Es geht ja bloß um den Rest meines Lebens
Es geht ja bloß um den Rest meines Lebens

It Only Affects the Rest of My Life

Taken from real life: the emphatic story of a young woman caught in a downward spiral of pressure to perform and mental health issues that go unheeded.
The A levels: the foundation of the rest of her life – or so Elisa has been told time and time again. While her friends seem to deal with the pressure quite alright, Elisa feels more and more off. It’s not normal to lay awake most nights, feel powerless, and suffer from bouts of panic when faced with even the simplest of assignments, is it? Still, as long as Elisa is able to cover it up, it can’t be that bad. Then Leo walks in on her having a panic attack at school. To keep her secret, she invents a lie. That should do the trick, right? Well, if only she could get Leo out of her head again. It’s not like her life isn’t complicated enough already …
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14,0 x 22,0 x 2,9 cm

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As a child, Anne Hoffmann loved writing detective stories – she didn’t finish any of them. Meanwhile, she is interested in interpersonal matters: friendship, love, complicated feelings, but also mental health issues. She was born in 1990, studied literature and lives with her husband in Berlin. And she is actually finishing her novels now.