ein blondes Mädchen schwimmt unter Wasser, Wasserpflanzen und Schlangen umrahmen das Bild
ein blondes Mädchen schwimmt unter Wasser, Wasserpflanzen und Schlangen umrahmen das Bild
links Unterwasserpflanzen und Unterwasserlebewesen, rechts Fließtext

Mari – Girl from the Sea – In Gargor’s Clutches (Volume 4)

Thrilling adventures with fascinating characters, an original underwater world, and a generous dose of humour!
Twins Fritz and Lena are stunned: Not only has their weird new classmate Mari a talking sea urchin as a pet and seems to live on algae, no, she’s also a real sea princess! She has left her underwater kingdom of Almaris after the oracle had prophesied something terrible would happen to her if she stayed. But when Mari finds out Almaris is threatened to be exposed by a greedy scientist, she throws all caution to the wind. Can she thwart his evil plans with the help of Fritz and Lena – and elude the prophecy?
black and white
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,7 cm

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Christiane Rittershausen, born 1983 in Erlenbach am Main, discovered her passion for writing early in life – something not all of her teachers were excited about, especially not if they appeared in her stories. After her studies, she worked as an editor in different publishing houses for children’s and young adult literature, until she decided to resume writing her own tales. The story about Mari and her friends is her first children’s book (and it even features a teacher or two).


Nina Dulleck, born in 1975, is a children’s book author and illustrator. Whenever she’s not drawing or writing, she looks after three feisty children together with her husband or creates funny videos about all things children’s books for her YouTube channel.