Cover, ein Elefantenmädchen mit einem Tukan auf dem Rücken steht im Regenwald
Cover, ein Elefantenmädchen mit einem Tukan auf dem Rücken steht im Regenwald
Innenseite, das Elefantenmädchen sorgt mit ihrem Rüssel für eine Dusche für den Tukan

No One Is Like You, Loulou!

An amusing story in rhyme about recognising one’s strengths and developing self-confidence.

Elephant girl Loulou is not happy with herself: Her ears are too big, her trunk too long, and there’s nothing special about her … she’s just such an irrelephant. Her friend, the toucan, spares no effort to cheer her up and shows her what wonderful things she can do – making water fountains showering the other animals and then drying them by flapping her ears. But only when the other animals ask her to impersonate them does Loulou realise that the things she started out not liking about herself are what makes her truly special.
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Picture Book
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22,0 x 28,5 x 0,8 cm


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Yvonne Hergane, born in 1968, studied German, English, and Book Science in Augsburg and Munich. Since the mid-1990s, she has been working as an author and literary translator and was nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award in 2012. Her favourites are picture books – playing with words, sounds, and rhymes is her way of making music. After several smaller and greater geographical hops, she currently lives with her family near the North Sea.


Eleanor Sommer studied illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in her hometown Hamburg. Since then, she has been working as a freelance illustrator for various publishers. Her desk is now situated in her own studio in the green Harburg hills, after working for many years in a shared studio in St. Pauli. From time to time, her husband, child, and cat look curiously over her shoulder.