Cover, ein Elefant und drei Kinder sitzen auf einer Wippe auf einem Spielplatz
Innenseite, ein Elefant und drei Kinder sitzen unter einem Baum
Interior view 3
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Play With Us, Elephant!

A heartwarming story about finding one’s strengths and approaching others with an open mind with titbits of factual information about elephants.
Huh, what’s a real elephant doing on the playground? Shy Rima can hardly believe her eyes. But now that it’s here, it might as well just play along, Julia and Antonio decide. Unfortunately, the elephant is too big to play hide and seek and too heavy for the swings. Will they find a game they will all have fun at? Rima already has something in mind, if only she dared to recommend it …
Picture Book
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25,0 x 27,5 cm


Creative People


As a child, Lena Walde wanted to become a confectioner, an author, and finally a fully qualified groom. Nonetheless, she first studied English and education science in Heidelberg and worked as an ice-cream vendor, a nursery school teacher in Canada, and an English teacher, before fulfilling her dream of becoming an author. Today, she not only writes for her family of five but also for all children and adults who love stories as much as she does.


Carola Sieverding was born in the Oldenburger Münsterland in 1989. She now lives in Münster with her boyfriend and her small dog. After graduating with a degree in design, she has been working as a freelance illustrator. She loves the sea, travelling and hiking – and of course creating extraordinary children’s books.