der Bär sitzt mit einer Aufgabenliste am Tisch im Wald
der Bär sitzt mit einer Aufgabenliste am Tisch im Wald
Dideldum zeigt dem Bär wie man Spaß haben kann, beim Baden, Aufstehen, bei einer Kissenschlacht

Something New to Dare, Mr. Bear

A story about accepting change and mixing up routines in artful rhyme and bold strokes.
Baldur Bear loves his daily routine. Everything has its time, whether that’s going for a walk at 10 in the morning, heading out to shop for honey at 4 in the afternoon, or watching his favourite TV programme at 7 in the evening. When he one day almost squashes a little fluffy creature on his daily outing, his structured life is turned on its head when the Dideldum moves in with him. After all, it comes with a fair amount of chaos and energy. Soon, however, Baldur realises that allowing a little bit of change and spontaneity into his life might not be so bad after all …
Picture Book
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22,0 x 28,5 x 1,0 cm


Creative People


Jan Kaiser, born in 1976, is actually a lawyer. Initially working as a judge in Lüneburg, he’s now focusing on legal education. To compensate for the dry work of Lady Justice, he writes half-serious texts. His nonsense poems have been published in various books, newspapers, and on the radio. Making up stories for picture books is his latest passion. He lives in Breisgau with his family.


Laura Tschorn, born in 1993, studied illustration at the Münster School of Design and discovered her passion for children’s and picture book illustrations there. In 2021, she released her first children’s book and now works as a freelance illustrator in her hometown of Lippstadt. In her illustrations, she tries to work out a special feature of every motive and create characters who mirror her readers and make them smile.