Cover, Vogelkinder sitzen auf einem Holzzaun auf einer Blumenwiese oder fliegen durch das Bild
Innenseite, acht Vogelkinder fliegen hinter dem Bauern und seiner Katze her
Interior view 3

10 Little Birds

Funny counting rhymes to learn the numbers from 1 to 10.

The ten little birds that live on the farm keep the farmer and his cat constantly on their toes. They flit around, occupy the tractor, snack on whatever delicious morsels they can find, play with the laundry, or tease the other farm animals. And one of the birds is always so invested in their activity that it stays behind until only one is left. Fortunately, the farmer has already planned a big reunion – with a little surprise …

Board Book
Board book
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21,5 x 16,5 cm


Creative People


Nicola Anker grew up in a Bavarian town between climbing trees and the twittering of birds. As a child, she already discovered her passion for the world of imagination. After working for a newspaper publisher for several years, she got a writing degree with the focus on children’s and YA literature.


Marta Costa grew up near Barcelona in a family of artists. After her degree in graphic design, she worked as a designer for 17 years until she decided to follow her passion and enter the colourful world of illustration. In 2008, she received her first commission; since then, her illustrations have been published in many different countries. She lives and works in Barcelona.