Cover, ein Mädchen und ein Junge stehen vor einem Pavillion aus Glas, drumherum viele Pflanzen
Innenseite, Fließtext

The Butterfly Keeper – The Riddle of Forgotten Words (Volume 4)

A magical adventure series full of beautiful butterflies, family mysteries, and stunning international settings.
Finally it’s time for the big guilds’ celebration in Cornwall! Stella is nervous because the mysterious Julie got in touch at the same time. She allegedly knows the whereabouts of Stella’s missing father – in Cornwall, of all things! Yet in return for this information, she demands Stella’s magical map. Can Stella trust the sworn enemy of both guilds? The decision is made more difficult because the delicate blue butterflies that live in the garden of her host Rose are in danger. And then Stella’s best friend Victor discovers a hidden riddle which is linked to the magical map. A race with the guilds’ future at stake begins.
Middle Grade
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15,3 x 21,5 cm

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Ruth Rahlff, born in Lüneburg, tried herself as a sales talent in her uncle’s bookshop at an early age. Later on, she apprenticed in publishing, worked in a very big and a very small publishing house as an editor, and has been working as a freelance author since 2004. When she’s not reading, travelling, eating ice cream, or romping about with her dog, she makes up stories for children and young adults.


Isabelle Hirtz, raised in Munich, spent her younger years mostly with going to the cinema and collecting film posters. This love, a proclivity for fantasy books, and a degree in communication design in 2007, lead her on detours to Hamburg. She has been designing covers and illustrations for children’s and young adult books as well as literary, fantasy, and science fiction books ever since.