Cover, ein Mädchen und ein Junge umgeben von magischen Gegenständen

Magic Advertisements – One Magic Riddle Is Just the Beginning (Volume 3)

Magical adventures full of original and fantastic concepts, friendship, and a dash of humour.
Imagine there were not only used bikes and computer games for sale online but also real magical tools. This is what Magic Advertisements offers.
A magic scavenger hunt through Linneberg! Oskar is thrilled because the victory could save his family. But unfortunately, there are many opponents and he has to belong to a clan in the online portal Magic Advertisements to even participate. When a spot with the Seething Beauties becomes available, Oskar senses his opportunity. However, the girls don’t want any boys in their team. This makes things more complicated, but not impossible!
Middle Grade
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15,3 x 21,5 cm

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Creative People


Ester Kuhn has a lucky charm for each of her stories that accompanies her writing process. For SOS – Mission Flower Dust it was a plush bee, of course. The author lives with her family in the Saarland. When she’s not busy writing, she works as a lecturer for child day care.


Kristina Kister, born in Kazakhstan in 1992, studied communication design in Dessau, Berlin, and Dortmund. When she isn’t busy illustrating children’s or young adult literature, explanatory films or character designs for animated films, one can meet her while she’s going for a walk with her dog Mei.