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The Horses of Galdur – The Silver Trail (Volume 2)

Magic, myths, and Icelandic horses – a truly enchanting series!

Legend has it that their death leads to the birth of a new Horse of Fire and new Horse of Ice. These horses must be protected like the nature you live in. They form the heart of the island, which is called Iceland today.
Since her last adventure with Fenja, Elva has had visions of a mare in great danger, calling her. Who is this horse? Might it be the legendary “Horse of Ice”? The girls head on an adventurous ride across the highlands to follow the silver trail – and have several mysterious encounters along the way. They need to protect the Horse of Ice at all cost! But will they find the mare before time runs out?

Middle Grade
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15,3 x 21,5 cm

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Sabine Giebken, born in 1979 in Munich, swapped ballet for riding lessons at the age of eight and henceforth dreamt of a horse of her own. When she was a child, she already wrote her first stories into her exercise books, which later became her first horse novels. After a degree in business administration and other occupational detours, she decided to turn her hobby into her profession. She lives in Bavaria and has two wild children, an affectionate dog, and a pretty confident Icelandic mare.