Schwestern durch die Zeit - Comtesse in Turnschuhen
Schwestern durch die Zeit - Comtesse in Turnschuhen
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Sisters through Time – Countess in Sneakers (Volume 1)

Bridgerton and Jane Austen for teens with a feminist, time travelling twist.
Dottie doesn’t care about 21st century lifestyle. She’d much rather wear long floating dresses, do needlework, and practice dancing – just like the heroines in her beloved Jane Austen novels. Frieda couldn’t disagree more. She’d love to study biology and physics and travel the world, all things early 19th century society doesn’t have in store for teenage girls. When they realise that their shared writing desk functions as a magical letterbox crossing centuries, they pour out their hearts to each other in a notebook they pass back and forth. Until one day, Frieda accidentally pulls Dottie into her time. Disguised as a distant relative, Dottie fits right in, even earning the approval of the baroness, which creates a rift between the girls when Frieda revolts more and more against her mother’s strict rules. One thing they agree on, though: Dottie needs to find a way back to her time and Frieda a chance to break free …
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,7 cm

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Teresa Hochmuth, born in Würzburg in 1982, loves old things and new stories. Raised in the Franconian countryside, she moved to California to study screen writing thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. Today, she lives in Munich with her family,  where she writes children’s and young adult books as well as texts  for television. The best ideas come to her while riding her bike or baking cookies.