zwei Mädchen sitzen Rücken an Rücken vor einem Teich in einem Wald
zwei Mädchen sitzen Rücken an Rücken vor einem Teich in einem Wald

Wood Summer Girls

A compelling woodland adventure fuelled by the power of imagination and the magic of friendship delicately addressing the impact of abuse and depression.
Having just moved to a new town, Alva is facing a very boring and lonely summer. But when she flees form the oppressive heat into the woods, she encounters Toni, an adventurous girl with a spark in her eyes and a knack for telling stories. Soon, the two are having the time of their lives bathing in the forest lake, building a tree house, and playing an elaborate game of make-believe that transforms the woods into a magical place full of mythical creatures. However, the longer their game continues, the darker the tale of Aurelia, the missing guardian of the forest, and the more reckless and desperate Toni’s attempts to find her become. Can Alva figure out what’s going on and help her friend before it’s too late?
Middle Grade
black and white
Recommended Age:
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,5 cm

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Creative People


Storytelling has always fascinated Theresa Czerny: First as a listener, then as a reader, and now as an author. She wants to make children and young adults experience the same magic she feels when writing the first sentence on the first page of a new story when reading her books.


After half a life as a chemist, Simona Ceccarelli exchanged her lab coat for a pen in order to pursue her childhood dream. Equipped with a diploma in illustration and concept art of the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, she has been illustrating books, games, and other products for children since 2016. She lives with one man, one cat, two children, three nationalities, and four languages in Switzerland.