Verflixter Flaschengeist! - Ein gefährlicher Wunsch
Verflixter Flaschengeist! - Ein gefährlicher Wunsch
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Dratted Djinn – A Dangerous Wish (Volume 1)

A magical historical time travel adventure from bestselling author Ute Krause.
All Anton wanted was to buy a bottle of milk – not ending up stuck in the year 1698 in the middle of the Ottomans’ siege of Vienna! Turns out the blue bottle he found hosts a djinn who was locked in over 300 years ago when he failed his mission. Anton’s family is delighted to get a chance to turn their rather run-down house into a proper villa, but the wishes go awry since the djinn’s preferences do not align with 21st century expectations. Anton feels bad for Osman and wants to help him. Unfortunately, wishing for Osman to get a second chance sweeps Anton and his older sister Fanni away to the past. Osman tells them the only way back is to set things right and save his master. They have no choice but to help him while navigating this unknown world – and trying to stay alive …
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,0 cm

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Ute Krause, born in Berlin in 1960, grew up in Turkey, Nigeria, India, and the US. She studied visual communication at the Berlin Art School as well as film and television in Munich. She is a successful writer, illustrator, screenwriter, and producer. Her picture and children’s books have been translated into numerous languages and adapted for television. Amongst others, she received awards from Stiftung Buchkunst and was nominated for the German Youth Literature Award.