Anton Monsterjäger - Ein Traum auf der Flucht
Anton Monsterjäger - Ein Traum auf der Flucht
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Anton Monster Hunter – A Dream on the Loose (Volume 1)

The thrilling beginning of a spooky and monstrously entertaining adventure!
When Anton receives a weird wardrobe for his 10th birthday and ignores the explicit warning not to open it early, his life is turned on its head. But how should he have known that it was a portal to another dimension?! Too late, Anton has released a Dream Eater, one of the most dangerous demons. The little Nightmare Nepomuk, guardian of the other side of the portal, is none too pleased, but the only way not to get in trouble is to work together to catch it. To hone his newfound special abilities and find a way to save his hometown, Anton enrols at the local school for monster hunters. Together with Nepomuk and his new friends, the kick-ass Suna and awkward Theo, he tries to figure out a plan while flying under the radar of the headmaster’s watchful eye and keeping spiteful Fabio off their back …
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,3 cm

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Luisa Fuchs was born in the far north of Germany, where she lives again today after studying German and spending some time for work in Rome, New York, and Paris. Here, her little writing house is open to every fantastical creature imaginable – preferably, if they have thrilling stories to tell.


Sabine Mielke worked as an advertising technician, studied at the College of Arts, and completed an apprenticeship as a dog behaviour consultant. Nowadays, she illustrates children’s books. She prefers working in the evening or at night and still draws with real pencils on paper. When she is not at the drawing table, she walks her dogs through the woods of Berlin or sits in the moonlight by the pond in front of her flat.