Insel der Genies - Schummelkönig!
Insel der Genies - Schummelkönig!
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Isle of the Geniuses – King of Cheats

A spectacular boarding school adventure that celebrates individual talents, extraordinary characters, and diversity.
Paul simply can’t believe it: For once, he not only showed up at school but really put in the effort and as a reward, he is kicked out! Well, he might have caused a teensy tiny mass panic. He’s even more baffled that his teacher recommends him to an elite island boarding school. What’s Paul, who is only good at cheating and finding excuses, supposed to do among a group of eccentric prodigies? Since this is his last chance, Paul desperately tries to navigate his web of lies and new classmates, no matter how annoying they are. When his roommate goes missing, Paul has to decide: keep up his act or do everything in his power to find Carl – even if that might mean he’ll end up being kicked out again …
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15,3 x 21,5 x 2,8 cm

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Ulrich Fasshauer, born in 1973 in Cologne, grew up in Türnich, Marburg, and Krefeld. He studied theatre, film and television studies in Cologne and Paris, lived in Wuppertal – the city of love – for twelve years, married an East-Berliner, worked at the University of Cologne, had a daughter, moved to Berlin, and threw all reasonable roads of life overboard to finally write children’s books.


Alexander Bux was born in Augsburg and loved to draw dragons and other monsters when he was a child. Later on, he studied communication design and worked in an advertising agency. Today, he lives with his family in Hamburg, works as a freelance illustrator, and takes great pleasure in designing children’s books – preferably, but not only – with dragons and monsters.